Thursday, July 9, 2009

When you aren't sleepy at 3am

I'm a night person... I do the most random things at the most weirdest of times.. Its past 3am. I spent the last 3 hours organizing all the files in my PC, and I ended up finding a lot of interesting stuff in the process. A collection of poems and short stories that an old friend had penned down while we were in school..a couple of Simon and Garfunkel mp3s which a friend from Kolkata had sent to me a while back, a few pdf files of Michael Crichton's works...loads of picture files of the weirdest kind.. (No, I'm not uploading them here!!).. a bunch of executable applications to kill time..(including an interesting one which replaces the mouse pointer with a hammer, allowing you to "hammer" your screen down and virtually break it apart.. oddly satisfying) a couple of movies I'd downloaded and then forgotten about.. a Movie database I'd attempted to maintain for my DVD collection.. a couple of interesting conversations I'd saved as text files.. and loads more insignificant stuff.

After going through all the trash that had turned up in the last 3 hours, I felt this sudden urge to go through my Google mail archives.. so I spent the next 45 minutes digging through all my old mails and conversations.. it's surprising how time passed as I went through lengthy applications that I had filled, surveys I had helped other friends with, posts that I had replied to, endless conversations I'd had with the most random people on even more random topics, couple of pics of random stuff (my favourite one being a screenshot of a completed Scrabble game I played and BARELY managed to win against an extremely tough competitor.. sweet sweet victory!!), movie reviews I very enthusiastically gave to my friends, a term paper on Walt Disney's works, a few more mp3s, mails on fan merchandise, and lots of other stuff. Trust me, it's a REALLY awesome experience to go through lengthy conversations you held with people in the past, and stumble upon your weak attempts at inducing laughter, or even a smile..

Nearly 4am and the dogs in the neighbourhood have been awoken by a passing truck.. i guess i'll hit the sack now and leave you with a few lines from a poem I stumbled upon earlier in the night..

The rain stops and my pessimism strikes again,
Only this time I drive it away,
Thinking of myself-smiling, happy and devoid of pain,
The 'optimist' in me adamant to have its way!

I have learnt to dream once more,
A dream that it had always been,
Feeling satisfied to the core,
To change myself I am just too keen!
- Yin Yang and me ( A Sneha )



  1. I type random names in the searchbar in my gmail and read through the mails and chats that I've had with them....makes me feel nostalgic when I do that...

  2. how'd you find my blog?? :O And yeah, I do that too, often :)

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